I Miss You


You have failed me. Congratulations I miss you yes I do. I miss you; all my days are the same since the distance you created between us. I don’t know if you were planning to do this from the beginning or not. But congratulations you’ve done it well couldn’t be any better. I still miss you each time I go back and read the conversations between us it crosses on my mind the idea of; is it a history now? Are they just saved memories on the mobile? Will be moved to the archive soon Why can’t I let the memory of you go away? Why I’m still having this thought in my mind that you will come back and tell me how sorry you are. I miss you can’t stop saying it I really miss the existence of you each day. Will you ever come back again? I know you might not come back again but let me tell you something I will always miss you I will always remember you. I don’t know if it’s love or not. But your existence is something I can’t live without I might hide it but you can see it through my eyes. Love is just a word. What I feel towards you is not love. I don’t know I just miss you. I’m sorry but I miss you. I miss the way you used to tease me I miss your calls I miss your late messages at the end of the day. I miss your short messages when you are busy in the middle of the day. Can’t count the “I miss you “. I’m sorry but I miss you

Written on 23rd of March 2015
12:27 Am



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