Random Thoughts



When someone dies at first, one will be surrounded by his relatives and friends then a day after day they will disappear one after the other. Eventually, that someone will recognize that he’s alone in this, his own grief, traumatic events, memories good and painful ones. He is going to threw himself among a self denial or self martyrdom and wander till he finds himself again!

 Written on the 17th of  June, 2014

00:21 am


I don’t


A thought crossed my mind while I was heading to my room at night to sleep and wake up for my daily routine. Actually, it was a question! I may pretend that I love myself but what if it’s just “a pretending time thing? Huh?!! ”

Well, I don’t love myself …. Ouch it hurts! Did I just say that out loud!

No! I just confessed.

It’s hard for anyone to say or think about I don’t love-me thing! Actually it may feel as if it’s a taboo thing.

Why is that??

For now I can’t answer this question because I haven’t loved myself yet!

 written on 11 June, 2014

00:23 am.


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