The Reason Is Him


The reason behind my smile, the reason behind my passion, the reason behind my power and insistence. The reason is him. The thing is you can’t name it, the thing between us or the bond we have, can’t be described by words, you only feel it. All what I know is, that I want him in my life I love the feeling of, having him around. I don’t ask for more. It’s enough to have him. It’s enough for me to know, that he is there no matter what.
I love how he acts sometimes, as if he is a novice. Surprised by his reaction, whether a smile or a laugh. Even when he blushes! He is cute, he is irreplaceable, unique & adorable. I guess he is one in a million.
He makes everything desirable, in a way you can’t reject. He makes you experience everything with pleasure, even if it’s forbidden, yet you want to undergo. With his existence, everything is much more fun.
I guess in the life you live, all you want is; someone to go crazy with, cry with, fight with, experience everything with. Even if it won’t last, live it and re-live it as much as you can. Don’t surrender, fight for what you have till you get all what you deserve.

And guess what? The reason behind that is HIM 🙂

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