A girl in her twenties


At the age of twenties each girl has a lot to think about; what’s her goal, purpose in life, dream job with huge salary, fashion and to find a true love get married to him, have children and start aging without noticing till she reaches her forties or something.  Then she starts thinking how she used to look  when she was a twenties girl!

BUZZ!!!!! Stop this

Let’s take it one by one.

A girl in her twenties doesn’t know what she really wants, she just look around her and start imitating the routine or what people call a “life cycle”. Like when all her friends start to get engaged, married then have children while she didn’t. She starts to think ” what’s wrong with me? ”

Am I going to find someone to love or I’ll be alone just watching others and  to keep on congratulating them while questioning myself inside when I’ll live a moment like that? When are people going to congratulate me? When? When? When? When?

As if her mind will blow out because of these questions.

Then another phase begins “this is the one, I know this is him”

The precise phase; when a girl meets a client at work attracted her she starts to question herself. Is he married? Oh no he is not wearing a ring so this is great! He is single, he looks nice and then she transforms from a working girl to a headhunter!

Girls think that if they didn’t get married this will be a shameful thing because they live in a patriarchal society where the male gaze has the authority to judge a woman’s life.

An advice for each girl in her twenties; live your life, travel, have fun, make friends all over the world, spend your money, be a fashionista be beautiful for yourself!

Don’t make this patriarchal society ruin your life through senilism and live your life as a twenty – something till the end.

 Written on the 18th of  July, 2014

16:56 pm


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